Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission now closed.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their abstract for Brain 2023. we were thrilled with the number and level of submissions and look forward to curating a fantastic program.

Abstract notifications to authors will be sent out Thursday 20th April.

All authors will need to be registered and paid in full by Thursday 4 May to maintain their position in the program.

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Open Closed
Abstract Submission Close Closed
Authors Notified of Acceptance Thursday 20 April 2023
Author Registration & Early Bird Deadline Thursday 4 May 2023

Oral Poster guidelines

Printed Posted Guidelines

Presentation Types

Oral Presentation: 15-minute presentation, comprising of a 12-minute platform + 3 minutes for questions.

Flash Presentation & Poster Format: Very short talks introducing amazing research which can be discussed in more detail at the poster. Thus, flash presenters will also be required to produce a poster for display at the conference

Poster: Displayed at the Conference and allocated poster talk session times within the program.

Abstract Topics
You will be required to select your Abstract Primary and secondary topic as part of the submission process.
Primary Topics:

Brain Development/Aging
Cerebral Ischemia: Ischemic stroke
Cerebral Ischemia: Global/cardiac arrest
Cerebral Hemorrhage
CNS Trauma (TBI/SCI)
Neurodegenerative diseases (AD/PD/HD/MS)
Vascular dementia/small vessel disease

Secondary Topics:

Brain-gut axis/microbiome
Blood flow and metabolic regulation
Cell death signaling/neurodegeneration
Cell Therapy
Choroid Plexus/Meningeal Barriers/CSF
Circadian cycle
CNS and peripheral immunity/infection
Epigenetics/non-coding RNA/DNA methylation/ Histon modification
Ischemic conditioning/tolerance
Neurovascular unit/coupling/BBB
Regeneration/plasticity/repair/functional recovery
Tissue engineering/organoids
BrainPET: Neuroreceptors
BrainPET: Advanced methods and kinetic modeling
BrainPET: New tracers and targets


General Policies and Requirements
  • The presenting author will be required to register for the Meeting in order to ensure their abstract(s) is included in the final program. Deadline for presenting author registration is Thursday 4 May 2023.
  • All submissions must be completed electronically via the online submission facility. If you are unable to submit in this manner, please contact the Conference Managers at for further information.
  • All abstracts must be prepared according to the guidelines provided. Abstracts will only be accepted if submitted within the format and layout guidelines.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by an individual. However, splitting of a body of work into multiple abstracts is discouraged and consolidation into one abstract is preferred.
  • Authors are required to acknowledge that by submitting an abstract, permission is automatically given for the abstract (if approved) to be made available on the website and via the app, and published more broadly.
  • At the discretion of the Discipline Convenors and the Scientific Committee, a maximum of two abstracts may be accepted into the scientific program where there is the same lead author.
Abstract Format and Layout Guidelines
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Abstracts must not exceed a 300-word limit. The word limit relates only to the text of the abstract and does not include title, authors and institutions.
  • Use single line spacing.
  • Only 1 table or figure permitted.
  • Abstracts must be free of typographical and grammatical errors.
  • Standard abbreviations may be used for common terms only. Otherwise, any abbreviation should be given in brackets after the first full use of the word. Abbreviations may be used in the title, provided the name in full is outlined in the body of the abstract.
  • You will be asked to provide a short biography (up to 150 words) with your submission.
  • You will be asked to nominate your preference for Flash presentation with poster, digital poster or oral presentation.
  • Please include degrees or professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof., etc).
  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure the title, author and affiliation details entered in the paper submission site are correct and exactly as they should be published on the abstract and all Conference materials.
  • Under results, please specify the number of subjects used in the study/experiments and P values.
  • When adding images:
    • right click on the image and setup wrap text as through.
    • Instead of inserting excel into the word document add as a screenshot or image
Notification of Acceptance

The Program Committee will review all submitted abstracts and assess them in relation to quality and relevance to the Conference themes. Notifications of acceptance will be sent via email to the submitting author on Thursday 20 April 2023. Abstracts submitted for oral presentations that cannot be accommodated within the program will be considered and reviewed for potential acceptance as a digital poster.

All presentations are required to link to the Conference Topics

The Conference Managers will not be held responsible for abstract submissions not received via the website or for submission errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events.


Early Career Investigator Travel Bursary
This bursary is intended to help cover the cost of attending the meeting and will be offered to participants whose abstracts have been accepted for presentation. Apply via the abstract submission portal by submitting an abstract for presentation and providing all required documentation.

Niels Lassen Award
The Lassen Award is presented by the International Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism to recognise an outstanding scientific contribution made by a young scientist. The recipient is selected by the Program Committee based on an abstract submitted for presentation at the Conference. Apply via the abstract submission portal by submitting an abstract for presentation and providing all required documentation.

How to Apply
Apply via the abstract submission portal by submitting an abstract for presentation and including the following information in the ‘Additional Information’ tab:
– CV of the presenting author
– Letter of recommendation from your mentor/supervisor
– An appropriate proof of your status (e.g., certificate of enrollment, letter from a supervisor or department director, confirmation of two sponsoring society members)
-ISCBFM membership confirmation

Further details are available here.