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Submissions for workshops at the upcoming 23rd Triennial Meeting of IAFS in conjunction with the 26th Symposium of the Australian & New Zealand Forensic Science Society are open!

Key Dates
12 October 2022 Workshop submission open
8 February 2023 Deadline for submission workshop proposals to Workshops Coordinator via the submission portal
22 March 2023 Workshop Coordinator to notify Workshop Organisers of the success of submission
5 April 2023 Details of workshop placed on Meeting website
21 August 2023 Deadline for Workshop Organiser to decide if workshop will proceed based on attendance numbers to date
13 November 2023 Deadline for participants to register for workshops


General Information
FUNDING IAFS 2023 will be unable to provide funding for workshops. However, any revenue collected from participant fees will be forwarded to the Workshop Organiser (or nominee) following the deduction of fees associated with catering, room bookings, management fee, etc.
Details of your workshop proposal will be included on the IAFS 2023 website. Any participants wishing to register for workshops can do so during the standard meeting registration process. They can also amend their original registration details at a later date to include any workshops.
FEE COLLECTION Fees to attend the workshop will be collected along with Meeting registration fees by Arinex, our Professional Conference Organiser.
The surplus from the workshop will be distributed to the account nominated by the Organiser within eight (8) weeks of the conclusion of the Meeting. Note GST is applicable to all workshops
VENUES As the Workshop Organiser, you can decide on the most suitable venue for your workshop. However, as the host of the IAFS 2023 Meeting, the Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), is a suggested venue. We can organise a suitable room for your workshop at UTS ranging from computer rooms, seminar rooms, lecture theatres or laboratories.
DEADLINES & CANCELLATION All workshop proposals must be received and approved by the IAFS 2023 Organising Committee. A decision on whether the workshop will proceed must be made by 21 August 2023. This will enable both Workshop Organisers and workshop participants to finalise travel arrangements. Once a workshop is confirmed, the registration will remain open until the workshop is full or until advised by the Workshop Organiser. As the Workshop Organiser, you must bear the risk of the workshop not proceeding.
AUTHORITY TO PROCEED The IAFS 2023 Organising Committee reserves the right to not proceed with a workshop proposal. Workshop Organisers must also obtain internal approval from their organisation/s.

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