The Organising Committee is currently developing an exciting and comprehensive program to deliver to the attendees of the Brain & Brain PET 2024.

Official list of Program Topics

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Peripheral contribution to acute and chronic cerebrovascular disease
Monocyte-derived macrophage in brain diseases.
Current global breakthroughs in research into the cerebrospinal/interstitial fluid systems
Neurodegeneration and dementia – should the vasculature be our main priority?
Immune/inflammatory mechanisms in chronic stroke and cognitive decline
Mechanisms of no-reflow in ischemic stroke, consequences for brain recovery
When new technologies meet cerebrovascular research
Circadian rhythms in cerebrovascular function and disease
Microglia aging and reprogramming in CNS disease
Cell-cell and cell-boundary communication during cerebral tissue responses to injury in the neurovascular unit
Using Human Multi-Omic Approaches to Study Ischemic Brain Injury Mechanisms
Imaging brain plasticity after stroke: from molecules to patients.

Brain PET Symposia

History and Latest developments in detecting and modeling transient dynamic PET
Opportunities and challenges in next generation brain PET imaging
Multimodal assessment of brain energy metabolism
Neurotransmitter systems, injury and recovery after stroke